About Us

The mission of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc. is to maintain its Fraternal existence by instilling values that nurture and perpetuate the continual growth and development of the individual through Academic Achievement, Cultural Awareness, Righteousness, Friendship and Loyalty while fostering ethical behavior, leadership, and philanthropy.

Pi Delta Psi was founded on these principles to help promote Asian Awareness amongst ourselves and throughout the community. We envisioned this to be possible by going out of the boundaries of an organization and creating a Fraternity on the basis of common goals and ideals in the form of a brotherhood. We believe that through education, we can become more knowledgeable about the different Asian cultures, overcome obstacles of racism and discrimination, therefore unifying us as a whole.


Rush is a period for anyone interested in Greek life to meet the members of the organization. By throwing events for our rushes to attend, we hope to provide an opportunity for you to get to know the brothers better and to learn more about the fraternity. There is absolutely no obligation in rushing. Rush merely provides a comfortable means through which students who are interested in our fraternity can ask questions and interact with the brothers while having fun at the same time. Rush also provides a great opportunity for us to show the student body how Pi Delta Psi remains active in the community in pursuit of the goals our fraternity was founded upon.

Winter Rush is now in session. For info, visit here.

2009-2010 Actives

For a list of all the brothers of Mu Chapter, click on the info section of our facebook page.


Feel free to contact Oscar with questions or visit us at our facebook page.

Oscar Wu